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The Art of Cooking

Poo kai restaurant provides a complete service of seafoods, including a fresh seafood from a pier everyday .It is cooked by a skillful and talented chef that always make our dishes remain fresh and good taste. Apart from a complete seafood,and serve , also a various beverage and drink that you can choose whatever you want such.

The Best Restaurant Seafood in Krabi

fresh seafood , live music

Delicious dinner for you

Only the best ones from all over the world

We Created best dinning experience for you & your family

Simply but Delicious experience

If you travel to Krabi province, it is a must to find an opportunity to visit the Krabi “Poo Kai Restaurant”. You will experience a relaxing seafood dishes which fresh so that you can make your flavor dish We guarantee that here is good atmosphere, fresh and delicious food, and reasonable price